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  Frequently Asked Questions  


1. Can anyone else in my house hold signup?

Answer:  Each user must have their own computer and internet connection.


2. I completed the certification, why do I have to make a affiliate account to get my $25 credit?

Answer:  Our payment system is all tied into the affiliate account, instead of creating a seperate system, it was easier to tie it all into one system.


3. Will you really pay me $30 per person who works work

Answer:  YES!  We pay $30 per person you refer to us who applys and gets certified!


4.  What kind of job will I be doing when I get started at onlineflexjob?

Answer:  Our job panel will change from time to time depending on our clienets, but  we usually offer a paid for your opinion system, as well as a inbound call position, etc.


6.  Is there a certain time frame I have to work or certain hours I can work per week?

Answer:  No we are flexible.  You can set your schedule and work when you want from your computer.


9. Are there going to be any fees to work for onlineflexjob?

Answer:  NO!  We will never charge you any fees for any of our positions!  You will get certified, which will cost a few dollars, but immediately  we will credit you $25 to cover the certification!


10. How long will it take to start working after my certification?

Answer:  You will be able to start working right away.


11.  I still have a question that I dont see on this page?

Answer:  No problem, we are happy to help!  Send a email to